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The Apprentice Week 4 – A View From The Cheese Shop

I’ve been inspired this week by Duane to start off with a few well known proverbs. Here are a couple of my favourites : Let sleeping dogs sleep Two wrongs do not make it better I love Duane. Anyhow..this week, the candidates were interrupted from an ‘unstaged for the cameras’ game of ping-pong and hauled […]

The Apprentice Week 3 – A View From The Cheese Shop

I could begin this with ‘It was a “saucy” episode, this week’; but no doubt the Daily Mail already nabbed that one. (Did they? I tend not to read tripe. They probably did though, with a picture of Karren smiling at Nick, or something.) But I won’t start it like that. 3 weeks in and I […]


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