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How to Answer ” What are your salary expectations? – TheEmployable Interview Tips.

What are your salary expectations? Well what are they? Whether we feel it is vulgar, or simply bad manners, most of us tend not to openly talk about money. Society deems a conversation about money to be an extremely personal and sensitive one. This is probably why when an interviewer broaches the subject of money, […]

How to negotiate a higher salary in your current role

However much you might enjoy the responsibilities of your current job, it can be hard to look past an income that looks low considering your job ranking. You might think that getting higher pay would require jumping ship to another company, but that isn’t always true. If the poor pay of your job is hampering […]

How to Ask For a Raise at the Workplace

You have been a good employee. You diligently perform the duties assigned to you and more. You are never late to work and you sometimes stay till late in the night so as to ensure that you accomplish the tasks assigned to you on time. Your bosses seem happy with your input at the workplace […]


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