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Better Company Atmosphere or Higher Paying Job, that’s the question? Guest post by Susanna Cha

This is a guest post by Susanna Cha, currently writing on behalf of Guardian Jobs. Find graduate jobs in education, public sector, charity, marketing, arts and heritage, and social housing and care on Guardian Jobs. Better Company Atmosphere or Higher Paying Job, that’s the question? Difficult decision, right? I thought so too. Before going into this, I would like to […]

How to negotiate a higher salary in your current role

However much you might enjoy the responsibilities of your current job, it can be hard to look past an income that looks low considering your job ranking. You might think that getting higher pay would require jumping ship to another company, but that isn’t always true. If the poor pay of your job is hampering […]

How to Ask For a Raise at the Workplace

You have been a good employee. You diligently perform the duties assigned to you and more. You are never late to work and you sometimes stay till late in the night so as to ensure that you accomplish the tasks assigned to you on time. Your bosses seem happy with your input at the workplace […]


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