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“Give us your Pitch” A crowdfunding project to help people ‘change the World’…

Changing the World! This week we highlight a crowdfunding project that could be good for us all… OneLeap is the only UK organisation to reach the finals of the prestigious US Unreasonable Institute, which backs social enterprises that can reach more than 1 million people. Now they racing to raise the funds to attend the Institute. […]

Could you be the next big Social Entrepreneur? – Sir Richard Branson wants to know….

Not so very long ago, the word “entrepreneur” immediately conjured up images of an innovative, driven and ambitious individual, who deemed success to be relative to the size of his or her bank balance. The rise in the Social Entrepreneur has thankfully put paid to that. More and more people are out there channeling their passions […]

T-Shirts with a Social Heart? Entrepreneur Jon Penn of Goodfibres.com paints the picture…

T-Shirts designed by artists. Voted for by the online Community & the top designs get the chance to have their art-work made into real T-shirts and sold to the public…  With Creative Arts students finding it tough to find paid employment and not even choosing to study the Arts at University, maybe this could the […]

Starting up as a Social Enterprise

One business sector which has been in the news for all the right reasons this past year has been the Social Enterprise sector. Apart from the positive social impact, it also contributes over £20 billion to the UK economy and employs almost 800,000 people. It is certainly an area that seems to be relatively confident […]

“The World Would Come” – One Mans dream to make us all ‘one big Tribe’

Imagine inviting ‘strangers’ from all around the World to join an online ‘Tribe’, with the option to join you on a tropical Island to help build a a cross-community of both the local indigenous population, and also a family of citizens from around the World. Sounding like a mixture of ‘The Beach’ and ‘Lost’, the reality is that […]


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