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Interested in telling your startup story?

Interested in telling your startup story?  Startacus -TheEmployable’s’ new platform for the self-starter is getting close to launch!  A key feature on the site will be to give early stage companies and Startacus members, the chance to tell their story – what they are doing and what they are looking to achieve – a one-on-one […]

Startacus deals out business benefits

Startacus, the Self-Start Society is continuing its development with the launch of several deals and offers aimed at supporting the early stage startup, sole trader and self employed business owner. Over the last few months, Startacus has linked up with numerous leading UK business services in a bid to offer its members some great discounts […]

Kick Campus aims to kickstart graduate careers..

Targeting the abundance of post-university students looking for work, Kick Campus, a startup itself, is aiming to run alternative careers fairs across the UK offering and highlighting the alternative careers and jobs within the start-up scene that Grads may not otherwise have heard of. Launched recently in BETA, the Kick Campus jobs board will go […]

Thinking of becoming self employed? We’d love to help…

Thinking of becoming self employed?  Back in August when we first revealed our sister site, Startacus, the “self start society”  to you all, we mentioned that we were still busy beavering away at another part of the site. Well…the good news…no…actually amazing news is that we can now let you guys all see the fruits […]

Interested in self employment? Ideas wanted

Interested in self employment? **Ideas wanted** 4 months ago, our sister site, Startacus – the self start society launched. TheEmployable, always keen to highlight social impact initiatives, thought it was only fair (yes slightly opportunist too!) to let you know that the collaboration and ideas section to the site will launch in the next week […]

Some good reasons why you should consider self employment if unemployed

Some good reasons why you should consider self employment if unemployed The UK government is currently obsessed with unemployment. For good reason. For the last few years, since talking a good talk about the recession slowly dying and job opportunities increasing, well, its kind of just stayed pretty much the same. Flat-lined is the word… […]

Start a Business…Here’s some handy posts to help you along the way…

When you have a idea for a business – it does not necessarily mean you are ready to start a business! Knowing what you need to do next to make that idea a reality, is a major reason why many potential business ideas – just stay that – an idea! With this in mind, TheEmployable took some […]

Self Employed? Startacus Launches the Self Start Society!

Self Employed? Startacus Launches the Self Start Society! Just 12 months ago Alastair Cameron, Recruitment Business Manager was facing redundancy. Rather than get despondent and downbeat about the challenging employment market, he instead decided to try and create his own job, future and become self employed. After successfully applying for funding from Arts Council NI, […]

Interested in Enterprise? Find out more about the self start society

Interested in Enterprise? Startacus, the platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, self starters (call it what you like) was interviewed by Amaze Magazine recently, and the interview is now online to read! Anyone interested in enterprise, innovation, creativity, or just good old fashioned ‘thinking and doing’ can now take a look, to find out a little […]

Startacus makes the Marketest Business Start-Up Competition shortlist!

TheEmployable’s platform for the self starter – Startacus has made the shortlist for this year’s Marketest Business Start-up Competition!!! The ten shortlisted finalists, including our very own platform, are now in the running for the grand prize of £1000 Tailored Market Research, which will help take their business or idea to the next level. The […]


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