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How to Have Happier and More Productive Employees

Employees are an important part of any business or organisation. Therefore it is important to keep them happy. They are assets that should be managed and maintained to give the best returns. When employees are happy, it shows in the dedication given to work and in their work outcome. And when they are not, it […]

Resources to help your Startup

Open any newspaper these days and you are likely to be bombarded with gloom and doom type stories – telling of redundancies, the double dip recession, the so called “lost generation” of graduates and the ever increasing unemployment figures. There are probably a few more positive stories in there too ; it’s just that they […]

Startup of The Week – Woobiz

Sometimes some of the best ideas for business come about when there is a merger or crossover of sorts – when an idea that works in one area is applied to something entirely unrelated. And in a way our Startup of The Week this week is doing just that. Woobiz is applying the technology used […]

Why you should Startup in a Business Incubator…

We’ve written in a previous post about Places and Spaces you can go to help transform that startup dream into a reality. ( Check it out here. ) One of those featured was the Business Incubator, which we are going to look at in a little more detail today. In essence, Business Incubators are specialist programmes […]

GaBoom founder Jess Ratcliffe talks to TheEmployable

When we contacted entrepreneur Jess Ratcliffe to ask if she would answer a few questions, that would appear on http://theemployable.com , her response was, in relative terms, as quick as her rise in the online gaming industry. ‘Happy to help’, was her immediate attitude and this positivity would go some way to explaining why  http://GaBoom.co.uk continues to grow […]

Twitchhiker by Paul Smith – a Review

Twitchhiker – How One Man Travelled the World by Twitter – Paul Smith. Rarely a day goes by now where we do not read, see or hear about the power of social media and networking. I believe that one of the most innovative uses of that in recent years has been the “ Twitchhiker”. In […]


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