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Employee Time and Talent Wasted By Systematic Inefficiencies

How much of your time and talent is wasted at work due to systemic inefficiencies?   We imagine it’s something that most people wonder on a regular basis but have little or no control over. Access Group has recently released a report which apparently sheds some light on the scale of the problem within British […]

From small beginnings come great things…Feeding your hunger (aka TheEmployable talks CupCakes)

Part time working (on top of a full time job) can be really tough going, but is a reality for many people. There can be a multitude of reasons for have an extra job; needing to supplement the household income, wanting to gain work experience for a future career, the love of work full stop, and the […]

It’s Monday…’We have to do and make the most out of ourselves’

Not my words, but the words of Henry Winkler, more commonly known as The Fonz.    The full quote goes “We have to do and make the most out of ourselves…If we don’t, something very important will remain undone forever.” But why would a man, most famous for saying “Heyyyy” as the Fonz in the […]


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