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What can you do with a teaching degree?

Whether you’re completing your final exams, or you’ve recently celebrated your graduation, the likelihood is that you’ll be considering your next step.  While its no secret that the newly qualified find the first year particularly challenging, a teaching degree opens many doors. You’ll have gained a great deal of skills during your time at university, […]

Looking to Become a Teacher? Find Out if a Conviction Will Affect You

Teaching is equal parts challenging and rewarding. Almost anyone can be a great teacher in their subject of specialism. However, not everyone has a clean criminal record. You may be surprised to hear that this won’t necessarily count against you when training to be a teacher. Many of us have speeding points on our licence, […]

Why Teaching is one of the Fastest Growing Careers amongst Millennials

Born between 1982 and 2002, the Millennials are the generation who will take over from the Baby Boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, as they retire. But, experts and commentators are telling us that the Millennials are unlike any other generation that has proceeded them. And this is one reason among many why NCC […]

How to Get Your First Job as a Teacher with No Experience Working with Children?

Getting any sort of teaching job today is not easy let alone getting one without any prior recorded experience working with children. How can you tackle this? Here are some tips. Be confident in your abilities What subjects can you teach properly? What activities can you teach children with minimal effort? If you are convinced […]

8 people who can help shape your Career

It’s pretty understandable that over the period of your 40 year + career, you might need a little career guidance at some points. After all, to find and shape your career without any advice or inspiration might be a little tricky. So we thought it only wise to highlight 8 of the most obvious people […]


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