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Your New Career in Computer Technology is Waiting

With top employment rates and salaries above the national average, a job in computer technology is ideal for any professional seeking a career and not just another job. Computer technology is your calling if you have a knack for operating and/or repairing workstations. If you’ve got the education, you’ve got the tools to succeed. It’s […]

Improving Your IT Career With Special Certifications

New technologies are being added to the IT industry. Therefore, the best way for a professional IT to keep up with the new technologies is to become certified in the new methods. You will be able to prepare a better resume for more job opportunities when you have the right certifications. You will need to […]

5 Careers that are on-the-up

Are you aware of all the career options that are open to you? We’d be prepared to wager that you’re not; you have probably never taken the time to look into many of them, imagining that the skills and experiences needed are not ones that you possess.   This is a great shame because the […]

5 Steps for Landing a SaaS Job

Time magazine listed cloud-computing as the most important technology of the last few decades. With distribution giant Amazon offering cloud-based solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are the most common of the cloud platforms, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue. SaaS experts are predicted to be in high demand, so if you want […]

How Technology Is Changing The Hiring Process

Today’s business world is very different to the business world twenty years ago. Innovative changes have transformed nearly every industry, but one industry that has undergone the most change is HR. In fact, investors recently put more than 2 billion dollars into new HR technology. These technology tools can make work less monotonous and more enjoyable, and […]

Make multi-site offices work with simple technology changes

Today’s business landscape has changed; developing and progressing to a more modern way of thinking and working. With so many companies now having offices in various locations both across the country and the world, you might find that members of your team are in different locations, but collaboration is still required on key tasks. Quite […]

How could jobseekers be affected by the BYOD trend?

Today, there are likely to be thousands, if not millions of people across the UK working flexible hours. They do it in order to accommodate other commitments such as family, education or simply because their body clock isn’t used to working a normal nine-to-five weekday shift. Until recently, technology was seen as an obstacle in […]

Startup of the Week – Drippler

Over the last few years, one of the biggest consumer trends has undoubtedly been the rise in gadget ownership. From smartphones to tablets to gaming devices, we all love our gadgets these days. And of course, it’s not enough to simply own a gadget any more – we have to have the latest firmware, the […]

Startup of the Week – SweatShop Paris

At TheEmployable, we love hearing about innovation and ideas and all things different. We have decided to introduce a feature where each week we highlight an idea or a product or even just a concept that catches our eye and that we think epitomizes entrepreneurial spirit.Today’s featured idea is “ Sweat Shop Paris”. We are […]


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