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5 Great careers you can still have if you don’t get into university

5 Great careers you can still have if you don’t get into university? When you are at school or college, it can sometimes feel that your future happiness and success rests entirely upon a few hours spent within an examination hall.  You would be forgiven for thinking that if you fail to get onto the […]

College Crunch Time: 5 Strategies for Easing Your Final Exam Stress

Many students suffer from stress as they work towards their final exams, but it’s important to avoid getting overly stressed. Here are some tips to help you revise properly and cut down on your stress levels. 1. Have a Break Be strict with your revision, but do it properly in short bursts. Devise a detailed […]

Taking a Gap Year- The Pros and Cons

You have to admit, the typical notion of what a gap year involves is certainly a tempting prospect, especially upon finishing secondary school and face the immediate prospect of beginning a lengthy rigorous university career. When we think ‘Gap Year’ we generally imagine 12 months (or thereabouts) spent backpacking your way across the farthest reaches […]

The American Dream: Why do British scientists go to the USA?

It’s easy to see the attraction of becoming a scientist. If you want to make sense of the world, improve people’s lives, discover things that no-one knows about the world and travel the planet to make a positive difference then science is the key to doing all of these things. Many of the brightest and […]

5 Reasons to Work While at College — Apart from Needing the Money

For young people who want to have a better chance at landing a job or starting a business, college is the way to go. Statistics in the US show that having at least some college is better than working right after high school. At the same time, however, future students are faced with the hard, […]

Why Wait? Companies Founded by Those Still Studying

You might think that university is a time to study, meet new people, and enjoy the last remaining years before joining the busy working world. However, there are thousands of young, driven individuals who see this time as a launch pad to a successful entrepreneurial career. Granted, your time is limited by various obligations, but […]

Startup of the Week – College Dinners

It is not an entirely unfair assumption to say that when at university, most students rely on takeaway pizzas, dried noodles and beans on toast. With the exception of the latter perhaps, it is hardly a shining example of a healthy balanced diet. One Cork based entrepreneur, David O’ Leary, however felt that there was […]


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