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The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Work from Home Staff

For many people nowadays, working from home is a much more convenient way of life. As an employer, this can be a difficult decision to make if you have never managed work from home employees before. Working from home is now more common than ever before, and if you have agreed to let an employee […]

Top Tips on Working Remotely

In April last year, the folks at The Guardian asked a very loaded question ‘Why aren’t we all working from home today?’ and it resonated with us. 20 years ago such a query would have been met with a sharp snort of incredulity, but in the hyper-connected world of 2014, this was a very worthy […]

Remote working: How have attitudes changed in recent years?

Back in the day, when technology was comparatively limited, people had no choice but to work in the office, even if they had family commitments or issues in getting to and from work to contend with. Fortunately, with technology advancing rapidly, working away from the office has become far simpler. All that’s really needed is […]

Working from Home – the advantages and disadvantages…

Working From Home… Some things sound better on paper than in reality. I used to love the idea of a job, where travelling was part of the job description. The romantic idea of flying to regional meetings by plane, or travelling by train (1st class of course) is in reality replaced by…..well just a lot […]


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