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The Importance Of Communication In The Workplace

Humans communicate. It’s what they do. Sometimes communication is simple and comes easily, and sometimes communication is difficult and takes much work to make it happen effectively. It can be even more difficult in the workplace to keep the lines of communication open when you have so many things going on at once. Everyone knows […]

Statutory Workplace Health and Safety Training Employees Should Know

Responsible employers do not underestimate the importance of providing employees a comprehensive health and safety training.  Not only because a plethora of legislation obligates them, but also because good employers will never disregard the welfare of their workforce.  After all, they understand that safety training is the most efficient method to protect their most valuable […]

How Accidents are Affecting Employees

How accidents are affecting employees For those who have had an accident that has meant they’ve had to miss work, the prospect of returning can be daunting. Perhaps their injury happened at work so they have that added tension? Or maybe they have been out of the office for so long that they worry they […]

Fashion in the workplace

We all like to look our best, whatever the occasion, but sometimes fashion seems to be excluded from certain environments. Take the workplace for example. Depending on the industry you’re employed in you may be required to wear a uniform or abide by a strict dress code. Whatever the case, finding a way to stand […]

How to Improve Cohesion in Your Small Business

For your business to thrive, there are plenty of routes that you can go down to improve workplace activity and help keep your small business running. Here are just a few ways on how to improve cohesion in your small business. Planning Makes Perfect It is important that you take the time to create a […]

10 Top Workplace Perks You Need to Look For

Most people have simple job searching criteria. They just want something—anything—in their field. Others create stipulations like “close enough to commute” or “pays more.” But if you’re using only these criteria, you could be missing out on some truly great opportunities. This top ten list of workplace perks from Company Folders reveals the amazing benefits you can […]

Virtual vs Physical Environments in the Workplace

Thanks to the accessibility of higher bandwidths and the Internet growing considerably richer with information and resources, alongside the rise in mobile use for daily tasks and even the notion of video conferencing, the workplace is changing. Adapting to a technology-first approach that allows work environments to develop, the physical environment you work in could […]

A list that you need for your business and workplace management

Workplace and business management are a big concern for every business owner. Improper management can lead to a failing company. So, it’s vital you know what you need for proper management. And, I’ve got a list of the things, down below: Get HR Software There’s a lot of HR software on the market these days […]

The office can’t uncovered

Most work places have at least one. You know – that person who you ask for help, but ends up being a hindrance? Somebody who seems to get a kick out of saying ‘no’, and just loves to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Yes, the ‘office can’t’ is a recognised pest that we […]

Leading poker website offers UK’s best workplace

The Great Place to Work Institute, the world’s largest consultancy firm specialising in assessment and enhancement of the workplace, has selected PokerStars as one of the best. PokerStars ranked highly in the list of the UK’s best workplaces, after the annual cultural audit and employee survey was carried out by the Institute on 5,500 organisations […]


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