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“don’t take into count where you are from, but where you want to be” Guest Blogger Simondo Robinson, talks Youth Unemployment

Simondo Robinson, Creative Director of GigsandFestivals talks Youth Unemployment, expectations and what we can all do… The number of young adults out of work has reached an all-time record high with 21.3 per cent now unemployed that’s’ a rise of 74,000 over the last quarter. This means that nearly one million young people* are out of […]

New initiative launches to make the UK the most Youth Friendly place to work

We all know that Youth Unemployment is a major issue and so any initiative or project that is doing its bit to help bring about a solution has to be given praise. The latest such initiative is a pioneering programme which is being launched by Youth Employment UK CIC (YEUK) next week. In order to meet […]

Unemployment numbers falling, but what do the figures actually mean?

Unemployment numbers falling, but what do the figures actually mean? An opinion piece by Graduate Ethan Loughrey The inherent problem with governments, banks, data institutions and the like is that they can’t just say something like it is. Figures are released that are impossible for the public to grasp without an understanding of their context. […]

Youth Unemployment – Battling to keep it Front Page

  Youth Unemployment – Battling to keep it on the Front Page….When TheEmployable heard that Channel 4’s Battlefront was back this year, we hoped to hear that Youth Unemployed was one of the projects they again championed. Last year the Ready 4 Work campaign worked wonders at highlighting Youth Unemployment. So imagine our delight, when […]

Battlefront is back – fighting against Youth Unemployment! Read here for job opportunites…

When TheEmployable blog set up last year we had many keen supporters. No more so than the Battlefront team that headed up the Ready4Work project, who happily spread TheEmployable word whenever they could…So its was really great to hear that Battlefront is back for 2012, and this year their fight against Youth Unemployment is back, […]

‘And I saw Sparks’ – Is Entrepreneurship the new Rock n’ Roll? – an interview with Sparks@LSE President…

The current ‘Startup Scene’……Could it become the 2010’s version of Counter-Culture? The current Student equivalent to the 60’s and 70’s revolution of fashion, music, freedom and alternative delights… Is the next big revolution within Youth Culture going to be the demonstrations, not of social rights, but the demonstration of young peoples abilities to change the World and […]

Sparks ignites entrepreneurial spirit at the LSE

When we were asked to highlight the London School of Economics weekend entrepreneurship conference for 250 of the most ambitious students from around the world, we thought who better to tell us about the Conference itself than the President of Sparks@LSE 2012; Rajiv Dhokia…. “As another year passes, the headlines in the business world have once again been dominated […]

The London riots (v) You Me and Dupree (David)

Image is everything – or so they say. But who are ‘they’? After the UK riots back in August, even those with a left or liberal political background, were stamping their hands and feet for strict punishment and strong sentencing. Rightly so. However, is anyone else slightly disturbed by how little media coverage has been given, […]

Beat the Monday Blues….Some good news…

Thousands of businesses, still to be born, thousands of jobs still to be made, thousands of inventions, still to be found, thousands of inventors,still to be crowned, thousands of creators, still to create, thousands of ideas, still to be conceived, thousands of dreams, still to be dreamed, thousands of friendships, still to be weaved, thousands of talents, still not being […]

Walk 4 Work…Guest Blogger Ruth Johnston talks up the Battlefront

TheEmployable has asked serial youth blogger Ruth Johnston to give us the rundown on the ‘Ready 4 Work’ campaign that is currently running under Channel 4’s online and television project, Battlefront. The campaign seeks to give a voice to NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) aged 18-25 and on Monday she took part in T4 […]


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