The Early Days after redundancy…

The Early Days after redundancy…

…..the first things to do

It is true to say that when we hear the fateful words, “ I’m sorry, but we have to make you redundant , feelings can be somewhat mixed. There are those for whom hearing those words comes as a relief, a welcome and not entirely unexpected blessing ; whilst there are others who are gripped by fear , dread and anxiety about what lies ahead. When the news finally sinks in though, no matter which of these camps you fall into, the future and what you are going to be doing in it is what is paramount in your mind.

So to help you through those early days when uncertainty prevails and you’re not really sure where you’re at, here are a few of the more basic things that can help to get you thinking straight again and find the best way forward for you.

1. Set your alarm.
Admittedly strange advice when one of the things most yearned for when we are getting up for work is a few extra minutes in bed – the lie-in. And now when you can lie in bed all day, should you so wish, you’re being told to get up?? Well, like it or not, sticking to a normal routine can help ensure you make the most of your day .

2. Avoid Daytime TV.
The temptation may be there – the lure of the chat shows, the cookery programmes, those cringe-worthy home makeover shows ; however resisting the urge will mean you have to occupy your time in a much more beneficial way.

3. Make a list.
We’ve all created to do lists at work and enjoyed the satisfaction gained when crossing a completed task off – it really is no different now. So grab a pen and paper, write out some things that have to be done – from practical things like sorting out finances and benefits, through to lists of those things you have been meaning to fix around the house but have just never managed to find the time.

4. Rediscover hobbies.
One thing we complain about when we work is that we never really have enough time to the things we really enjoy doing. Work, family – just life itself, always gets in the way. So take advantage of the new luxury of time at your disposal and start rediscovering the things you really enjoy – whether that be playing a guitar or playing golf , painting, photography, whatever – make the time for you.

5. Think!
Think about yourself . What do you really want to do now? Do you want a job exactly like your last? Do you want to work in an entirely different field? Do you want to go back to college? Do you want to set up your own business? Do you want to travel? It’s time to start thinking and let the planning begin…

All fairly basic advice, I’m sure you’ll agree – but still it is surprising just how beneficial doing basic things like this can be and just how much of a positive impact it can have on your mindset and where you go from here.

If you have any suggestions for those early days, feel free to add to the comments.


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