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Top Tips for Job Searching

5. Newspapers
Don’t rule out the newspaper. The printed media is still used by many businesses to advertise their jobs and whilst there may be duplication in that companies will advertise online as well as in the press, there are plenty of others who do one or the other. Make sure you know which days your local and regional papers carry the job advertisements and buy the paper – or read a copy in the library if you don’t want to / can’t afford to buy a copy.
6. Networking
There are countless jobs out there which get filled every single day and which never get advertised. Usually a vacancy arises and one of the company’s employees or acquaintances will know someone who would fit the bill. Do not underestimate just how important networking is. The people you meet day in and day out and your dealings with them are critical in your job search. Friends, family, neighbours. Make an effort with people you meet – you are more likely to stay in their mind if something does arise. Keep in contact with people in your market sector – attend networking or industry events where you can.
7.Social Media and Networking
The use of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin is becoming more and more prevalent. Agencies, companies are all starting to post vacancies and recruitment plans via these means.
Also, if you use these networks right, you will also find them an extremely useful source of information about the market sector you want to work in. To use Twitter as an example, start following people of note – be that company owners, journalists , bloggers who write about the industry – this will ensure you keep you abreast of the latest company or industry news. Be vocal – interact with them –  comment – raise your own profile.
Remember – this is by no means an exhaustive list  – so feel free to let us know what you think or if you have any other recommendations that have worked for you or someone you know.
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