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Diary of an unemployed Blogaholic – trip to Facebook

Thinking of Facebook as an example , why has that grown so big? Well, our friends are no longer based in one place, one town or even one country. Facebook is so successful as it is an obvious solution to a modern problem. Although the virtual world, has made the real world smaller, and cheap flights and study abroad has made us have friends in all parts of the World, there is still never

enough time in the day to keep in touch with all our family, never mind our friends. Facebook is a solution for many, keeping us in contact with our family and friends and keeping them in touch with our ideas, opinions and habits, even if we only physically meet them once or twice a year!

Sitting in the coffee shop, as I write this blog, its just after 9am. I have already used Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and my WordPress account. However, I have not as yet (apart from the waitress) spoken to a single soul, but I have communicated with a world wide audience. After meeting Colm Long, Director of Operations for Facebook, we went for dinner that evening. It is ironic perhaps that as I sat next to Colm that evening, discussing our work histories, lives and backgrounds, I found out more about someone I had just met (and he was a nice guy) than I had learned, perhaps in the last twelve months about some of my own good friends. I must text or email them all I thought!!

It is a strange feeling, how not being in a 9-5 can be slightly disconcerting, when you have been following that work pattern for the last ten years. But it has got me thinking….

If you could solve the problem of isolation, loneliness and lack of opportunity that unemployment can create, If you could create that passion, if you could develop the drive that Colm Lyon showed, within our Politicians, our business leaders, and the large community of Graduates, disillusioned workers, and redundant souls that now exists….and bottle it, how much would that be worth?

Now for the Job Centre….. Hail the Employable!

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