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“The Idea is just the beginning” TheEmployable talks to ShellLive Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Michael Korn

Ten days ago we highlighted this years 8 finalists of the prestigious ShellLive Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, and now today, I was sat talking over the phone with Michael Korn, the winner, inventor of KwickScreen, who went home with not only the accolade, but the 10k prize!

I had contacted Michael via email the evening of the awards, to ask if he would do an interview in time for Global Entrepreneurship Week. He quickly got back to me the next

 morning to confirm he would be happy to help; which helps a little to explain the speedy
growth that his business has had over the last 18 months. KwickScreen  has quickly
established itself as a cost-effective solution to the problem of providing privacy and isolation in hospital wards. In essence it acts as a ‘room divider’, which can be moved and removed, and used whenever required, as opposed to a permanent wall, which may be regretted.

Michael is confident in his manner, but not overly cocky in his approach and appeared reflective of his success from the night before and his recent accolades from the James Dyson Awards. He felt all 8 ideas had real business potential, but felt he had been awarded with the prize as his product offered the most monetary return as a business and in the last couple of years his product had proved itself as being a “viable alternative to expensive building projects and has already delivered huge money-saving and cost reductions for the NHS”. I got the impression from Michael this was just the start and he saw this as the first step in not only this product but the rest of a future range of exciting and innovative designs.

The Movable screens can be designed with customised artwork, which Michael said was a feature that
 whilst now integral to the product, had originally happened more so out of accident than design. However the artwork offers an additional benefit to the end-user, offering both a calming or stimulating effect to hospital patients that may be bed ridden for weeks. Michael also highlights that the KwickScreen wall dividers are multi-functional and whilst he is looking to develop the NHS market first, there are plenty of other reasons for businesses to use the transportable screens. Check out this short video here to see the product in all its glory.

 And what would be Michael’s advice to aspiring Entrepreneurs? “Don’t always have faith in experts, and don’t rely on what other people say.” Michael feels that it is important for people to “believe they can do it, because you don’t have to (at the start) be an expert in a subject to have a good idea…”

Aiming high is the key, and Michael aspires to have the same influence in innovation as the great designer
 and inventor, James Dyson, who is most famous for the dual cyclone, bagless vacuum cleaner. And the key to his success? “You have to learn to fail, and fail quickly, and Michael has moved on and changed projects, when he recognised the faults in some of his ideas. “The idea is just the beginning” Michael is keen to stress and then “the hard work begins, and the challenge is to make the idea work……”    

The Employable thank Michael for his time and wish him and all his business the very best of success. 

Michael also highlighted that he has jobs to fill, which in these current times is good to hear! He is interested in Field Sales applicants (have to be good at telling a story, but not necessarily have sales experience) who could be based in Scotland or the North West of England, and he needs to fill an Office Management role at his head office in South Kensington, London. Check out http://www.kwickscreen.com/ for contact details and good luck with your application….. 

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