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Places you can go to ‘learn’ Entrepreneurship…

The thing with setting up a business is that until you have ‘done it’ ‘been there’ the old cliches of ‘learning the hard way’ or ‘learning on the job’ probably will ring true. Even those of us from a Corporate background will struggle to cope with the multi tasking required, and it’s only adversity, passion and hard work (and a little luck) that will get you there….

But are there places you can go in the UK where you can learn Entrepreneurship; ‘learn’ how to start up a business and the creative process you have to go through, from A-Z? TheEmployable set out to explore if being taught Entrepreneurship is an option and if so, where?

‘Like’ the Dragons Den? Then you might like to know that both Peter Jones and James Caan have ‘schools’ of sorts.

The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy
(formally the National Enterprise Academy) was founded by Peter Jones himself and offers courses at Level 2 and Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship across 17 different colleges in the UK. Peter’s approach seems somewhat of an ethical campaign to try to install entrepreneurial thinking and skills at a young age to equip the ‘next generation’ of Entrepreneurs.

James Cann’s venture, The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy, is a more commercial business model and is aimed at a more experienced audience. Selling itself as a ‘one stop resource’ for business owners and wannabee entrepreneurs, there are a range of courses, events and information to help you on your journey.

Oh and if you can remember Doug Richard, (he featured in Series 1 and 2) he has the best sounding school
 and logo of the lot, aptly named School for StartupsEncouraging Entrepreneurship is the key and School for Startups focus is on delivering targeted  programs that teach people how to start and run better businesses. Working closely with Universities, and local authorities, School for Startups also has a range of free reading online that might help you out…

Fancy Going to University to Study Entrepreneurship? Didn’t know you could? Well you can! TheEmployable had a quick look on UCAS to see how many courses were available at Degree level in the UK and there are currently 188 courses available that are related to Entrepreneurship. Just because we are so nice, you can check out the link here
If you want to make money for the ‘greater good’ then perhaps the School for Social Entrepreneurs is the place for you! With 9 Colleges across the UK (and one down under) the aim here is to offer training, teaching and general support to make sure that the next bunch of Entrepreneurs that use their talents, skills and creativity, not only do it for themselves, but for the greater social good! Working as a ‘not for profit organisation’, the SSE also practices what it preaches.

If like me, you feel that it’s the new industries that have the potential to flourish, and that business and government have a key responsibility to invest in making sure that this happens then you will like the idea of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation... Sponsored by big business the aim is to give yearly ‘classes’ of 25 budding Entrepreneurs the chance to gain year long work placements alongside some of the UK’s leading Entrepreneurs, to learn the skills and creativity they will need t be successful. Sounding a little like the job offer available at the end of The Apprentice ( without the TV show) the next application process is in January 2012. Get on the case if you feel you deserve a place!!

Prison….If I was to tell you that only 5% of prisoners re-offend if they go on the Start up Now program, you

might be surprised…Who said that training and support does not count!? The scheme offers business planning support and workshops, and some funding to encourage offenders to become self employed when they leave Prison. They have helped over 2000 prisoners, and that 5% I mentioned, well it compares to the national re-offender rates of 65%…making a point perhaps?

Alongside the above few programs, there are plenty of places across the UK and Ireland where courses, startup bootcamps and accellorator programs also exist. If you have an idea and think that an intensive period of development would take your idea onto the next level, this might be the thing for you….

So whether you agree Entrepreneurship is something that can be taught, or a talent you just have, there is no doubt that courses and places do exist for it to be studied….

Is Entrepreneurship something that can be taught? Comment below…

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  1. Just a short note – to share with you that at International Vocational College Malta – IVC Malta http://www.ivcm.edu.mt we organise a very successful course in entrepreneurship. Our students are helped in setting up their own businesses by getting experience in the work place, gaining a diploma and mentorship.

    Posted by Michelle Gialanze | December 7, 2011, 10:22 am

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