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UK TV Opportunity – Fancy facing the Cameras to tell your Startup Story?

When we heard that True North Productions, a successful UK TV Production company, were looking for a ‘Family’ who fancied changing their lives and escaping the rat-race, we thought this seemed like an opportunity we would want to share with our followers.

Also, as they would also like to find people who are looking to startup their own businesses; this might be the ‘golden ticket’ for someone out there right now…So after contacting Helen Soothill, from True North Productions, we are happy to share the basic details below;

“We’re currently making a brand new programme for Ch4 (it’s an 8pm primetime programme) which will take a family who are sick of their current jobs/quality of life and are wanting to pack it all in and set up their own business. The idea is that our presenter and team of experts will
evaluate their current life – their assets, their skills, their future dreams – and come up with three different feasible business/life plans to get them started on the path to the future they wish to have. Not only will they be presented with these plans, they will also get the opportunity to really experience what making these life changes would be like.   

We are ideally looking for families who would be ready to make these changes in the next few months and wouldn’t be adverse to relocating if it became part of the bigger plan. It’s a perfect opportunity for people who dream of this but until now just haven’t had the head-space or opportunity to go for it!

At the moment we are trying to find the right family for this and welcome the chance to speak to as many families as possible. People can contact me on either hsoothill@truenorth.tv compareyourlife@truenorth.tv or 0113 394 5497.

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Here is the link to their website


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