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It’s Social Media Week – So what is it & whats it to you?

Today marks the 1st day of Social Media Week, a now Global event that will feature around 1000, mostly free events globally and in 20 different cities.

Reflecting the global impact of social media– and its role as a catalyst in driving economic, cultural, political and social change– Social Media Week is one of the world’s most unique global conferences. Social Media Week offers a series of interconnected activities and conversations around the world on emerging trends in social and mobile media across all major industries.

This years theme is ‘Empowering change through Collaboration’…

Given the Occupy movement and the mobilization of groups around the world crying for social change, Social Media Week, will delve into the role that social media plays. The theme is designed as a call to action, allowing individuals and organizations around the world to explore how social media empowers citizens, increases mobility, enables mass collaboration, develops hyper localism,maximizes societies inter-connectedness, fosters knowledge creation & sharing, bolsters leadership,and encourages heightened global empathy.

So what does this mean to TheEmployable? Taking on board the themes of mass collaboration, and the empowerment of citizens across the Globe to protest for change – we are going to look at the power Social Media is having on the employment & jobs market and how social media is encouraging innovation and entrepreneurial thinking during a period of tough economic and political instability.

Hail the Employable!

Check out the Promo video for Global Social Media below…

To find out how to get involved in TheEmployable movement and to find out more about TheEmployable CLICK HERE. 

To check out the Social Media Week website and to find out what’s going on CLICK HERE


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