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‘Civil-Servants-Got-Talent’ – We find out about a public sector project that got the ‘creative’ creating

There is a stereotype, perpetuated from the private sector, that Civil Servants, are glorified paper pushers – and its often a stereotype not helped by the media and perhaps even some civil servants themselves. We have all had bad experiences of dealing with the public sector, from poor customer service, to lack of respect, or even lack of responsibility. 

However, it’s not very often we hear about the good stories is it? Perhaps when there are some kind of ‘back patting’ awards show starring Amanda Holden and David Beckham, we all take notice, but the rest of the year, perhaps civil servants get a pretty unfair deal. 

So, when TheEmployable heard of Tim Knight and the 5 Ways Project, that started life as an internal Civil Service Project,TheEmployable were keen to find out more and highlight the good work that they do…

5ways started life as an internal civil service project aimed at providing civil servants with the chance to showcase their alternative skills outside of their job role. It was known as the ‘Amaze Project’ and run by Tim Knight & Alan Preece with support from the DWP CIT team. Within a year it had 300 members, all doing creative and innovative things, from designing and filming and even the chance to write a children’s book.

Within 18 months the project was being featured on the DWP Headlines News and helping lots of different civil servants come together, it also won an award with the NHS Institute for Innovation after winning it’s Healthcare Challenge and was featured in the Guardian Professional.

In September 2011 the team decided to make the project public, the new direction would see the project give students & creative types a chance to showcase their creative talents through a range of fun projects & activities….We spoke to Tim Knight a couple of days after the first edition of Amaze Magazine, their newest project for 2012 launched. Amaze is a brand new digital download magazine designed to showcase the talents of students/creative types from around the world. So lets back track a little, and ask Tim to explain a little about how he got to this point in his career….

Click Page 2 to read our exclusive interview….

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