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Joey Barton – Saint or Sinner? The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

Joey Barton is a pilloried character in the British press
You can argue that he has brought it all on himself, and you reap what you sow. However most of the time, rehabilitated character or not, the media just love a good ol’ Joey Barton moan. He is hated more by the media than anyone else perhaps. In fact, perhaps he is not hated by that many people, but the media themselves; 1.3 million twitter followers must tell you something (that does not mean he is liked by 1.3 million people!)

Do not get me wrong – there is no justification for any of Joey Barton’s actions. From, fighting to general all round thuggery, he has been an all round idiot and deserves his punishment. However 20-30 years ago hard-hitting and thuggish footballers were not looked on so badly within the media. Not that Glenn Hoddle was a hard-hitting midfielder, but imagine if Joey Barton had made comments that karma was responsible for people being reborn disabled. Yes, at the time Hoddle was rightly punished, but his media image still remains intact. Imagine the Twitter and media abuse Joey Barton would have got for that!

Don’t get me wrong, I do not know Joey Barton, but nor do the vast majority of journalists and his 1.3 million twitter followers either.

What has this to do with TheEmployable, I hear many of you ask?

Quite a lot perhaps. Yes, Joey Barton has his demons and he definitely is not the best role model in the world.
But then perhaps, who truly is? Whatever you say about JB, he has still achieved, and has not hidden behind a character that is not really his. He has achieved so much, weaknesses and failures aside, and if rehabilitation means playing top flight professional football, avoiding further breakdowns or re-offending, like many other criminals, and writing passionately about anything from football to politics, I for one think this might be room for at least a pat on the back. I am not suggesting he should win Sports Personality of the Year (like Ryan Giggs or anything)….

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