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Joey Barton – Saint or Sinner? The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

There is not one of us who has no weaknesses or failures. As TheEmployable is all about improving one’s employability and motivating people to realise that they can take control of their employment career, like him or loathe him, Joey Barton is a hard-working character.
I myself am in the middle of a rehabilitation. Rehabilitation from a career that gave me copious amounts of stress and took my creative soul away. I am now a self-starter looking to manage my own job and career. In another life, perhaps I too could have been a Joey Barton, or a London rioter, or a media darling (with a secret past)…But the message we are often given by politicians is that if someone is rehabilitated, or changes, we should at least give them a chance. Is it not a case of, “it’s not what you have done, but what you then go on to do”? Is it not more dangerous to ignore the ‘Joey Bartons’ and only criticise the bad that they do, but none of the good?

Back in December last year we focused on places you could learn Entrepreneurship.

If I was to tell you that only 5% of UK prisoners re-offend if they go on the Start up Now program, you might be surprised…Who said that training and support does not count!? This particular scheme offers business planning support and workshops, and some funding to encourage offenders to become self-employed when they leave Prison. They have helped over 2000 prisoners, and that 5% I mentioned, well it compares to the national re-offender rates of 65%…making a point perhaps?

So Joey Barton. He was in The Observer newspaper this weekend just gone. I know, as I read his interview and it empowered me to write an article that very minute (on the front of the New Review section – that I have attached as pics). He was explaining his absence from Twitter and that he has been busy funding and developing a website that will launch asap. The website will act as a hub, for people to be able to engage, discuss and start something. Sounds like we actually have some things in common. TheEmployable are also developing a platform, Startacus, which is encouraging people to be self starters and do their “own thang”.

There are many people out there that do not fit the typical media image of the self-starter, perhaps Joey Barton included? Quietly, throughout the land, people are doing amazing things to try to create their own jobs and futures – and not all of them are ‘whiter than white’ characters either.

As long as Barton’s site isn’t for people to start something literally, with fisty cuffs and insults, then perhaps like all other self starters out there, Joey Barton should be given a bit of encouragement and at least a fair chance. After all, is that not what most of us would expect to be given as well?

Hail TheEmployable!!

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