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Startup of the Week – Evinar

At the Employable we love highlighting new business startups…

As anyone who is responsible for organizing events will tell you, getting people to attend is often the biggest task of all. However if people were able to attend an event from the comfort of their own living rooms, wouldn’t it be a much easier task? That is exactly what this week’s business Startup of the Week is aiming to do.

Evinar is a new platform which allows anyone – be they an artist, a musician, a public speaker, whatever, to host an event virtually directly via Facebook. The concept is quite straightforward.

-Users can create a show or an event via Evinar and set the date, time and price.
– The event can then be immediately publicized and promoted via Facebook and also via Twitter.
– “Fans” can then purchase tickets for the event directly from Facebook and then it’s simply a matter of doing a soundcheck and actually starting the performance or show!



From the performers’ point of view, it is of course helping them interact and engage with more fans and of course adding an additional source of revenue.
From the fans’ viewpoint, it is providing them with another way of attending concerts and shows by their favourite performers and artists. Also fans can interact with each other via chat during the performance itself.
Whilst Evinar provides new artists with an excellent resource for them to help strengthen their brand, even the most popular artists or musicians could still benefit from and utilize this service. For example, they could perhaps host special preview shows or limit attendees to an event so that there is an element of exclusiveness about it which in turn will increase demand. There are limitless possibilities.

It is certainly not a cliché to say that it is a win-win situation with Evinar. Performers and fans alike both will benefit greatly from the service. And for that reason alone, it ought to be supported. So, when you are next planning an event, perhaps this could be the way to go….

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