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Self Employment – 10 reasons why being self employed may not be for you…

7. You value your holidays


8. You value your benefits

Benefits? Insurance? Health care? Pension? Some of the benefits that you take for granted when you are employed through a company, are things that you have to pay for if you wish to be self employed and want those types of benefits.

9. You like being praised for your work

Unless you start patting yourself on the back – self employment can become a lonely old business. No big boss to tell you off, I agree, but at the same time, no big boss to give credit, where credit is due. If you like being praised, getting bonuses, winning company awards, or simply getting an email saying “thanks”, being self employed might be a rather tough reality.

10. It is just not for you!

Simple. Not everyone wants to care about work enough to even be at all bothered about being self employed and this is completely fair enough!

 Are these reasons not to work for yourself? Please do comment below if you can think of any more or disagree completely with the above 10…

If you do have a good idea and think that self employment is for you – why not join Startacus, the platform for the Self Starter that is coming soon..

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2 Responses to “Self Employment – 10 reasons why being self employed may not be for you…”

  1. Having been employed and self employed over past 20 years, I can say that both yr articles are very accurate and highlight the issues that I had to deal with running my own business and then working in a large institution.I am now back to self employed again because there is nothing quite like that amazing feeling of taking an idea and turning it into a succesful business. Passion is the absolute key to success – the rest will follow if you dont get hung up on all the negatives outlined in yr second article.

    Posted by Debbie Scott Anderson | July 4, 2012, 9:35 am


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