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The Importance of Social Media in Your Job Search – A Guest Post

The web has become massively important in the last few years for many different reasons. It’s a source to find out information quick and easy and is great for socialising. But it’s also a hazard if you are searching for a job, as everyone is aware of the horror stories of managers finding ‘inappropriate’ content on their employer’s profiles.

With millions of people logged into networking sites at one time it is a great opportunity for business to take advantage. Many companies have Twitter and Facebook accounts to achieve maximum potential. However social networking can also help you find a job. Networking, researching and keeping up to date on new opportunities is where the web comes in handy. We have devised some helpful points that will not only help you find a job using social media but help you keep your job once you’ve got it.

How social media can help you find a job

Social networking allows you to create links that have the potential to benefit you in the future. Many applications are sent via email so it’s vital you make your CV stand out from hundreds of others that companies will be receiving on a daily basis. Trending topics on Twitter is a great thing too because it can associate you with people who you don’t necessarily know and can create potential links. What you tweet is very important as it shows off your personality and how serious you take yourself and your work. Your Twitter name is also very important because it will build up your profile on the web so make sure to use your real name and avoid any confusion.

People are exploring more ways to promote themselves by introducing a new generation of CV – Curriculum Vital Interactive Video (CVIV). Using YouTube as a way to pitch skills and qualifications is becoming more popular. Facebook is also ideal because you can join groups and writing statuses that easily broadcast yourself as looking for work.

Avoid Incriminating photos
Everyone knows how hard it is to get away from embarrassing pictures of us that we wish would be erased from history. Having a picture of yourself with a lampshade on your head is not a professional look and if the worst came and your boss saw it, what dignity would you be left with? Just be careful of what pictures you upload and what your friends tag you in.

Don’t be a loud mouth
There have been many occasions where employees have lost their temper on the web and their boss has seen it and they have lost their job. This is the most degrading disaster in the business world and has to be avoided. People are always getting frustrated with a colleague or boss and its fine to let your anger out in the privacy of your home but keep your cool whilst writing statuses.

These are some very basic tips that are easy to follow. But remember, you are a professional and even when out of the office you have stay that at all times.

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