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Startup of the Week – reKiosk

If you’re a craftsperson, there are seemingly endless online marketplaces for you to sell your wares; Etsy, Folksy and the like as well as smaller niche sites. If however your “craft” is of the digital kind, you are generally pretty limited to selling on some of the biggest players only – on Amazon etc, with the result being that you end up paying them quite a hefty fee for the privilege. For many independent musicians and writers, that’s pretty much been the way it has to be; until now that is – thanks to this week’s business Startup of the Week.

reKiosk is a brand new online marketplace for selling digital content.
It’s a pretty straightforward system:
– Each user has their own “kiosk” or online storefront where they can sell their content – music, books or other digital files.
– Much like other ecommerce platforms, the user determines the retail price
– When an item sells, if the user is the creator of the content, they receive about 95% of the sale price
– Other kiosk owners can also promote and “resell” content they have seen elsewhere on the site and in so doing make a 25% commission fee on any sale – with a further 70% going to the original creator
– Up to 15 items can be sold in a kiosk although there is an option to upgrade to a Pro account if the user wants to add more items

Check out the short video below for how it all works:


The most unique feature of reKiosk is the fact that it effectively allows anyone to become a distributor for their favourite music, books and digital files and rewards them for so doing. All copyright royalties of course go to the original creator.

Since we’re all these days lamenting the demise of our local independent record and book shops, platforms like reKiosk ought to be supported. After all, the whole ethos of supporting and promoting musicians and writers is at the very essence of what this site is about…

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