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Bored of Britain – is working in Singapore the answer?

After two years of remaining stagnant the UK job market has finally began to recover, the number of people claiming job seekers benefits has dropped by 8,600. However, it hasn’t managed to return to pre-slum numbers. So, what do you do? Sit tight and wait around for your ideal position or think outside the box and look a little further afield?

The recent slump in the UK recruitment market has left many of my clients thinking outside the box and taking on never before considered job options.businessman_holding_crystal_globe

Whilst Britain is struggling to find positions for its nation of unemployed individuals, Singapore is actively seeking labour in a number of areas; healthcare, transport, education, aerospace, insurance, service, biomedical and construction.

Singapore definitely has a vast amount of opportunity but what would it take to make you consider it a home instead of a holiday destination? Well, it was ranked in a 2007 survey as having the best labour force by Business Environment Risk Intelligence 2007 Labour Force ranking and has been voted top for its quality of life (Worldwide Quality of Living Index 2007), two amazing reasons to take on Singapore. The open recruitment policy makes it easier for foreigners to gain access to the Singapore workforce, and the low taxation and high standard of living make it an ideal country for a change of work scenery.

The benefits of taking a job abroad, if only for a year or two, can provide numerous advantages. Research published by Harvard Business Review has found that people ‘who have international experience or identify with more than one nationality are better problem solvers and display more creativity.’

It makes sense, whilst the UK is recovering from tragic employment circumstances to take a year or two out and gain some truly valuable experience. It can be a daunting process considering job options abroad so the first thing I recommend for my clients to do is research online.

For more information about working in Singapore visit workinsingapore.com, this website contains detailed information on living, studying, working, eating and playing in Singapore. Searching for work within Singapore this can be done either by searching job board sites such as, JobCentral.com advertising jobs across many sectors, as well as an online support community. Or for jobs within more specialist areas i.e. finance its best to visit a specialist Recruitment Company, AP Executive predominately works within foreign countries sourcing talent from all over the world.

Another good opportunity is the job fairs that are frequently held by about Singapore, they are filled with large companies actively seeking candidates. This is an excellent chance to seek advice and ask any questions you may have about living and working in Singapore.

online job searchAfter researching in to you specific job area, speaking with agencies and attending job fairs you should now be fairly confident of your working sabbatical in Singapore. Before applying for any position it is important you take a fresh look at your CV especially as different countries have different preferences. Make sure your CV is up-to-date and easy to read, although English is an official language of Singapore it may not be your potential employers’ first language. Singaporeans also prefer for CVs to be in chronological order, so they can see the progression throughout your career, from start to finish.

Should your CV be successful you will be required to ‘attend’ at least two rounds of interviews, it would be difficult to fly all candidates over for an initial interview, so most companies will either hold a phone or Skype interview, or have an agent set up in your home country.

The first round of interviews usually contain generic questions about past work experience and education, and it’s not uncommon for behavioural, aptitude and personality tests to be held to see if you are suited for the position. The second rounds of interviews are more focused around job role specific questions.

The process for applying for a position aboard can be a long process however the opportunities that can arise will make the process more than worth it.

Whilst the UK is still struggling to place candidates in positions I would recommend anyone considering working abroad to seize any opportunity to work in Singapore with both hands.

Best of luck!

Author bio: Sarah Diamond is a Freelance Recruitment Consultant.




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