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All above board: what legal considerations do businesses have to make?

Legal issues are part and parcel of running a business. Right from the outset, something as simple as question-marknaming your company right through to how you dispose of your rubbish can lead to problems.

Something that is particularly problematic to smaller businesses is employment law. The intensity of running your own business is conducive to having very little free time, certainly not enough for tasks such as drafting a solid employee contract or complying with equality act regulations – time that could be better spent on the growth and development of your venture.

What often puts the most strain on new businesses is EU legislation, something which the government has recently taken acute notice of.

A cabinet assembled “business taskforce” have recently produced a report detailing ways in which the EU can update business rules and regulations in order to promote growth and competitiveness on the global stage. Within the document, there is a heavy focus on alleviating the load currently placed on SMEs to comply with EU employment law.

The report states that billions of euros could be saved if superfluous health and safety records were no longer enforced.

The report proposes a one-in one-out approach, where rules will simply be amended to be more rational for SMEs. Recommendations include rethinking the 48-hour week restriction for contractors, withdrawing the proposed alteration to the pregnancy workers directive and loosening up on paperwork required to send workers to another EU country.

Clearly things are looking up. However, regulations and initiatives will constantly be in flux both in the UK and the EU legal scalesand it is absolutely critical for a business to keep on top of things.

That’s when some decent advice might come in handy.

Blaser Mills are employment law solicitors that can offer a wide range services ranging from advice for a particular issue or situation right through to completely handling anything with potential employment law implications.

As a company like this will always have a finger on the pulse, you can simply get on with the important things without the burden of keeping up with law change. And if your SME isn’t blessed with a full scale HR department these guys can make up for it, making themselves the go to service for your employees.

There is also the option to use make use of pre-designed company policies, for equality to bullying to phone use and social media.

Have a look for yourself at http://www.blasermills.co.uk/ for more information.

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