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How to Start a Crime Scene Cleaning Business

Ever wondered what actually goes on at a crime scene?

Away from the picture portrayed by television dramas like CSI: Miami, Without a Trace and Bones, the reality for those involved in any kind of real life transgression is much more harrowing.

Whether it’s a murder, suicide or accidental death, flame haired police lieutenants named Horatio examining crime scenes through expensive sunglasses are few and far between.

Instead, the area will be swarming with police, detectives, emergency services and forensic teams attending to casualties and attempting to piece together exactly what’s happened.

In addition, once the yellow tape has been torn down and victims tended to, it’s then time for a crime scene cleaning company to move in and sanitise the area quickly and efficiently.

Although many folk will – wrongly – assume the responsibility for cleaning the area falls on the emergency services, crime sceneit’s actually the job of the property owner to organise appropriate sanitation.

However, as you might expect, the majority of the population are unqualified and unprepared to deal with the potential biohazards – blood, semen, faeces – present at a crime scene.

In order to ensure loved ones and property owners aren’t left smacking on the marigolds and scrubbing blood from the road, the demand for specialist cleaning companies is growing.

But before sprinting to the supermarket to purchase a bucket, mop and a trolley full of bleach, there are a few things you need to be aware of when starting your very own crime scene cleaning service…

Get Certified

To make it in this game, you need to have the qualifications to prove you can cope with the demands of the job. Crime scene cleaning requires certification to handle and dispose of hazardous waste, along with the ability to finish the work without putting the public at risk.

Buy Safety Equipment

You simply can’t wade into a crime scene wearing jeans and a shirt, so you’ll need protective footwear, breathing equipment, heavy-duty plastic gloves and safety goggles. What’s more, shovels, waste bags, a smorgasbord of cleaning supplies and an industrial vacuum are highly recommended.

Find Staff

Working with blood and gore may not be everyone’s cup of tea. In the beginning then, with work likely to be hard to come by, avoid forking out on salaried staff by hiring experienced, independent contractors to work with you on bigger jobs until you find your feet in the industry.

Advertise Your Business

It may sound macabre, but for folk to know about the service you provide, it’s important to advertise – but it should be done tastefully and without outlining the gory details. With this in mind, try handing out business cards to local police stations that can then pass on your details to those affected.


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