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What’s in a Salary Package?…Our guide…

Health Scheme
Many employers offer health insurance to their employees which can cover everything from consultation appointments through to treatment. Schemes can vary with some being free, whilst others expecting employees to contribute a portion of their salary. Some schemes also include friends and family options.

Share Options
Some companies offer employees Share Options which you can buy at a preferential rate. Of course there are usually restrictions imposed with regards to when you can sell them. Many companies also will pay out annual dividends to their shareholders. Check out what terms are associated with any shares you could acquire.

Staff Discounts
Many organisations offer preferential discounts to their employees – reduced costs of their products and services; often for friends and family as well as the actual employee. This can be one of the more attractive perks, especially if the firm is involved with something you would be interested in buying or using anyway.

Firms vary on what they offer in terms of holiday entitlement. Whilst they all will offer the statutory minimum, some offer much more. Factors to consider include finding out if holidays must be accrued, if they can be carried over from year to year or if there are restrictions in place as to when holidays are actually taken during the year.

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