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Unsuccessful in a job interview – things you may wish to ask yourself

Where was your mind?
Not getting too deep on you, but in that moment of interview, were you truly focused on the interview itself? Did your mind slip and take you elsewhere? Did you think about what and where you needed to be after the interview? All of these things could have taken you out of the moment and subconsciously counted against you.

Did you fit in?
In recruitment, they talk of ‘company fit’, but in reality this is where your and their first impressions really do count. Most of us will be able to read a room well enough to be able to determine if a connection was made and in terms of interview success, this can really help. So, in this interview, how well did you connect the interviewer or interview panel?

Put yourself in their shoes
Based on your interview; and also the job itself – would you employ you? It is easy to say ‘yes’, and you also don’t know the level of competition so to speak, but based on your performance, did you meet the requirements of the job 100%?

Did you outline all of your skills and experience?
“I wish I had said that” – is a common comment post interview. We all wish we had used a better work example, or mentioned some previous experience that was really relevant for the role. So, with this in mind, did you manage to outline all of your skills and experiences in the time you were given.*

*This is not always so easy – as you are reliant on the quality of the interview itself and the opportunity you are given to speak.

The main thing to remember however is that none of us are perfect and each one of us can make improvements  as to how well we do at interview. Remember too that if you are rejected at the interview stage for a job, don’t take it personally, but do take it as a personal opportunity to improve and learn for the next time…

There are probably plenty of other elements that you could apply to assess your interview performance, and please do comment below if you can add any more to the list…

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