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New Employment Zone for Barnet and Southgate College

It goes without saying that at the top of our list here at TheEmployable is helping people to find employment by providing them with the support they need to navigate the daunting and often frightening world of searching and applying for jobs. This process can be a real struggle for anyone, regardless of their age, but one group which can sometimes have a bit of a harder time getting themselves into the employment ladder is young people.

It is here where the progressive and forward thinking attitude of educational institutions towards employability and job search skills can make an enormous difference to the prospects of the young people they educate. Sadly this key facet of a young person’s education can sometimes be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday college life, leaving them unprepared to the task of finding the job that they want.

Barnet and Southgate College initiativeThats why we were delighted this week to hear about a great new initiative which is being rolled out by London’s Barnet and Southgate College in conjunction with nationwide recruitment specialists REED NCFE. The college, which currently has around 16,000 students aged 14+, is establishing a dedicated ‘employment zone’ in its campus with the aim of ensuring that their students have access to the training and skills needed to search for and get the best job for them

Under the expert guidance of REED NCFE specialists the dedicated employment zone will teach students of the college essential skills such as CV building, interview techniques , job search strategies as well as provide them with a solid grounding in how the job market operates.

Alongside all of this essential training and advice the students will also be granted exclusive access to the hidden job market and can recieve role-specific tailored training to equip them with the knowledge and skill they will need to be successful in their application.

In a still rather turbulent jobs market, this type of initiative, that could add an extra level of employability to the students of Barnet and Southgate college, is certainly welcomed by TheEmployable. Perhaps this may be the beginning of a wider shift which could help to bridge the gap between education and employment.

We would love to know what you think of this new initiative by Barnet and Southgate college and REED NCFE and to hear whether or not you received any support like this when you were at school or college- Get in touch @theemployable.

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