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6 ways to make the most of a job you hate

The title says it all really! Making the most of a job you hate, might at first seem like a ridiculous suggestion, however before you move on from this post and potentially your job, take a few minutes to read our suggestions – it’ll be in your interests – believe us! So without further ado, here are 6 ways to make the most of a job you hate.

Appreciate it’s not forever

As tough as it may seem right now, appreciate that the the job and the hate you have for that job will only last so long. There are two main long term possibilities here. One, you will end up quitting your job – either because you have found a new job, or because you’ve just had enough and leave. Secondly, you will accept that as much as you ‘hate’ your job, you appreciate that the hate you have for your job is probably temporary and by riding the storm, or dealing with the issues you have, you will learn to like, or at least tolerate your current job and career.

Try to find some balance

How about, rather than just moaning about how much you hate your job, you work out which parts of your job you actually hate (i.e. job duties, work colleagues, location, manager and so on). If you work out and then rank all the things that you ‘hate’, you might actually find some balance and realise some of the things you actually like or at least don’t dislike so much! Balance can create calm and this calm can in turn help you make the most of the job you have and perhaps still hate too!

Happy 1000Improve your personal life

At the moment perhaps all you are focusing on are the things in your life (your job) that you hate! In reality your job might really suck, but of course negativity breeds negativity and if all your focus is on the things in your life that you hate, expect that hate to not only continue but to potentially get worse. A good way to deal with this, is to make your personal life – your ‘out of work’ life as positive and enjoyable as possible.

Take reviews seriously

As much as you may see reviews / appraisals as another big pet hate, the reality is that they are a fab opportunity to air (in a professional way) any issues or problems and also potentially come up with solutions that will help. Of course, this also depends on the problems and ‘hates’ that you have. If for example, the Manager undertaking the review is the problem, you’d need to find a really diplomatic way of addressing that particular issue! However appraisals / reviews can be a good way of at least addressing some issues and it might be a good way to make your work going forward more enjoyable and at least in the short term, more agreeable.

Set new goals and learn new Skills Arrogance

Potentially a good outcome of a review would be that the Manager /person taking the review, helps you identify new opportunities / goals and skills that you might be interested in pursuing. In fact you don’t need a review to do this – take ten minutes now to consider what internal opportunities might exist within the company you work for to learn new skills, upskill in certain job areas and potentially set new and exciting career goals. If the idea of setting new goals and learning new skills within a Company that you also dislike seems impossible, then consider how you can set new career and personal goals and learn new skills outside of this particular job and company.

Move on

Leading on setting new goals, it may simply be a case of setting a goal of leaving your current job that you hate and finding a new job / career elsewhere. Don’t beat yourself up about this, but see this as a positive approach to dealing with your current situation. It can be of course one of the most effective ways of making the most of the job you hate – move on and start enjoying your job and career again!



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