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Jobseeking Mistakes You Should Avoid

Applying to large companies only

It is all too easy when looking for a job, to only think about the big companies in your industry or sector. You should however look at the small businesses too. SMEs make up the biggest proportion of businesses in the UK and almost 60% of private sector jobs are in the SME sector. An employer does not have to be a household name to be a good one. Look at the small businesses in your area and identify who is recruiting, who is doing well and ultimately who you could apply to. Applying to a smaller company may mean that you have a better chance of getting an interview too. There are likely to be fewer applications than with a major bluechip company. And if you are successful in getting a job, you may find that you will get much broader and more extensive experience than you would if you were working for a large organisation.

Expecting Recruitment Agencies to find you a job

If you register with an agency, a good consultant will advise you on what the market is like and what the chances are for them to find you a position. If you have the skills and experience they know a client is looking for, they will do their utmost to “sell” you to that client. If however you don’t have the “in demand” skills,  they will move on to a candidate who does. Recruitment is a sales profession and consultants are targeted to “sell” their best candidates. If you are not deemed to be a “best candidate”, they will not be proactively trying to market you out to prospective employers. Don’t expect to register with an agency and for that suddenly to be the end of your job hunting woes. It won’t be. Use an agency, yes . But in conjunction with looking for jobs yourself. The best advice here is to use an agency who specialises in the type of job you are looking for and also to do your best to build up a good relationship with your consultant. Recruitment Agencies have their place  in your job search but they are certainly not the be all and end all.

Sending out Spam CVs

Don’t send your CV and cover letter out en masse with no consideration for who is receiving it. Be selective and tailor your letter to suit who you are applying to. A generic Dear Sir/Madam will not get you anywhere these days. Check out some tips on your cover letter here. Most companies too will filter emails and if you have sent out the same email to perhaps hundreds of employers at the same time, chances are your email has straight away been filtered as spam. Check out some tips on speculative applications here.

We hope that highlighting some of these common jobseeking mistakes will help you if you are currently looking for a job. Of course we would love to hear your opinions too on any mistakes that you feel ought to be listed too. Please feel free to let us know via the comments section below.

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