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Can’t Get Work Experience? Here’s a few ideas how…

5. Which leads me nicely onto a combination of option 3 & 4…Get an Enternship. Kind of like an Internship, and you can either end up working for free, to cover expenses or paid, but an Enternship placement means you hopefully end up working for a small enterprise or start up firm or in an innovative or entrepreneurial environment. Check out Enternships to see what they have to offer. The possible advantage of this, is that you can end up gaining a load more work experience, than if you worked for a large national company.

6. Work abroad as a Volunteer. After University or College, a lot of students fancy taking a bit of time out, travelling and seeing the big wide World. The reality is that as much as you gain valuable life skills and experiences, working in a hostel or a bar, might not help your practical work skills too much. However, why not take some time to job volunteer whilst you are away; help with a good cause, help others, and hopefully feel a little bit fulfilled too. The plus for your CV could also be if you decide to Volunteer for a project that relates to your education background too, so you gain valuable work experience in the work area you wish to pursue. Check out Global Vision International (GVI)  for an example of the types of volunteering projects and internships you can do.

Just a few ideas, but I hope you agree that they are practical tips that might just work. Anyhow, there is nothing more demoralizing that applying for a load of jobs in the paper and hoping that at least one of them responds…..

But to end on a positive note, check out this old post Extreme Job Hunting to see the crazy lengths some people have gone to to find employment…

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