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Top 5 mistakes that can cost you an interview for a job…

3. Being ‘cool’ in front of your friends…

It is not only your CV or application that a recruiter looks at, it is the whole package. A common mistake that younger applicants will make, is when they call into the recruitment agency office to meet with the recruiter, they bring their friends. Cut to the ‘too cool for school’ attitude and sometimes comments and giggling. Again there is no harm in having a little bit of craic, but not when you are looking for a job and wanting to send out the right employment signals.

4. Which also leads nicely onto Dress Sense! Don’t get me wrong, we are not here to make judgements at all. However my dress sense in an ‘office environment’ is completely different to my dress sense at home. If you want to work in a ‘conformed’ environment, it’s perhaps understandable that you need to dress appropriately for that environment – and that includes when you go and see the recruiter who is shortlisting for the role to discuss the position. First impressions do count – so it might be a good idea to look ‘the part’.

5. Your Social Network image…

An easy one – if you use Facebook, just make your settings private to only your friends and family. Like it or not, the picture you didn’t want a potential employer to see, could be potentially seen, and could make a difference to your job application. Yes, it may be unfair, but it does happen, so be aware of it, and keep your private life, private….

I am sure there are a few more that we could add to this list. Please do feel free to comment below if you have any more suggestions and disagree with the top 5 mistakes that can cost you an interview for a job that we have included. 

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