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Post redundancy ….

4. Rediscover hobbies.
One thing we complain about when we work is that we never really have enough time to the things we really enjoy doing. Work, family – just life itself, always gets in the way. So take advantage of the new luxury of time at your disposal and start rediscovering the things you really enjoy – whether that be playing a guitar or playing golf , painting, photography, whatever – make the time for you.

5. Think!
Think about yourself . What do you really want to do now? Do you want a job exactly like your last? Do you want to work in an entirely different field? Do you want to go back to college? Do you want to set up your own business? Do you want to travel? It’s time to start thinking and let the planning begin…

All fairly basic advice, I’m sure you’ll agree – but still it is surprising just how beneficial doing basic things like this can be post redundancy and just how much of a positive impact it can have on your mindset and where you go from here.

If you have any suggestions for those early days post redundancy , feel free to add to the comments .

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