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How to get a job – TheEmployable checklist…

Use your friends and family
If you can’t count on your friends and family – then who can you count on?! Your friends and family may be great sources of information on what jobs are coming up in the places they work. So, ask them, you may be surprised.

Don’t keep the same email address you use for your mates! i_love_a_good_party@sillymail.com might be true, but do you want this to be the first thing a prospective employer sees?

Use Social Media
Don’t just become social media literate; use social media to enhance your chances of finding a job. LinkedIn is the most well known business to business networking tool, but Twitter, Facebook and others can also have their place in enhancing your online reputation, and these days an online reputation can be important in finding a job.

Be careful with Social Media
Likewise, if you do not control your social media image, then this can have a detrimental effect on your job prospects. Appreciate, whether you like it or not, that recruiters and employers, do take a look at your social media presence – and any dodgy comments or pictures, can have a knock on effect on your employability.

Go to networking events (squirm!)
Admittedly, sometimes networking can be rather awkward, but it can help to go to networking events specifically to help job seekers find employment, or improve their employability. Yes there are secrets and pitfalls to networking successfully, but if done well, networking can open up many doors, that would otherwise have remained locked. Meetup.com might be a good place to start if you are looking to find relevant networking events close to where you live.

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