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How to get a job – TheEmployable checklist…

Join a Job Club
Again, not for everyone, but most of the larger towns and cities, or at least somewhere close to you, will have a Jobs Club. The GB Job Club (if you live in the UK) is a pretty good place to start.

Register with recruitment agencies
It is not for us to recommend one recruitment agency over another and we agree that there are plenty of rubbish agencies out there. But there are also plenty of excellent recruitment agencies, with good temporary, contract and permanent jobs available – and now.

Sign-up for job alerts
Most online job search sites should have a function for you to sign up for job alerts, when jobs are advertised that match your requirements. This is an easy way of keeping in the immediate loop, whilst not totally relying on this approach. Whether you are looking for a freelance job, or a permanent career, job sites are available to help.

There can be no denying that the current jobs market is a challenging one. With so many people applying for every position that gets advertised, it is essential that you do your utmost to ensure that your application stands out. Volunteering is one option that works well at gaining valuable experience.

Dress the Part
As obvious as this may seem – many people do not give enough time and credit to dressing well at interview. Now, keeping your personal identity is important, but so too is understanding that in a business environment there is a certain protocol as to what is acceptable and what is not, in what you wear to interview. Appreciate that for the time being at least, you don’t make the rules, so at least give respect to the rules, whether you like them or not.

Take time out from job seeking
Try to manage the time you spend on your job search. Although finding employment is a priority and essential for many of us; if you spend too much time actually looking for a job, it could potentially diminish your chances of finding one as you can become unfocused and lazy in your approach.

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