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Top tips for putting structure in your job search

Vary what you do
If you repeatedly do the same things when applying for a job and they aren’t proving to be successful, perhaps it’s time to shake things up a little. Vary what you do. If you only ever use online job boards, start looking at newspaper job ads – many employers still use traditional press advertising. If you haven’t tried networking, maybe it’s time that you should. Check out if there are any job clubs in your area or upcoming jobs fairs that you could attend. Also if you haven’t thought about using Social Media to help you job hunt, perhaps again it’s time to start. The more varied or approach to your job search, the more successful you are likely to be and also the less likely you are to get bred, frustrated or disillusioned.

Stop and re-evaluate
It is most relevant, particularly if you have been job hunting for a while, to sit back and take stock of what you have been doing. Review your CV – is it time to update or refresh it? Review where you have been looking – is it time to change the places where you have been searching? Look at your location – could you perhaps start looking in other areas, neighbouring towns perhaps?
Whatever conclusions you come up with, sitting back and taking a fresh look a things can help in a big way. Perhaps ask a friend to look at what you have been doing and ask them to critique your CV and yor methods for searching. Who knows what fresh ideas a new perspective may have.

We hope that these basic tips help you in some way as yous continue or perhaps embark on your job search. We’d love of course to hear what tips you have for tutting some structure into yor job search. Feel free to let us know via the comments section below.

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