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5 Fantastic Reasons to Become a Temp

Temp work is a tried and tested means of preparing to enter the world of work. There is enormous value in taking on temporary work, especially as a means of preparing yourself for a future career. Here are five fantastic reasons why you should give temping a try.

Gain Experience

Gaining experience and skills is necessary to pursue a job or career in many different fields. Unfortunately, gaining experience and skills usually requires time and money, two resources that are becoming increasingly scarce for many of us. Temping allows you to gain experience, skills, and knowledge, all while being paid for your time.

As well as the formal skills and qualifications that are needed to take on a particular career role, there are a variety of other considerations that can have a significant impact on how well a new worker will perform in a new role. Most jobs come with a learning curve. If you are able to apply for a position with some temping experience under your belt, employers are more likely to take a chance on you.

Demonstrate Your Value

Working in a temporary role will not only give you the chance to develop your skills, it will allow you to demonstrate your value in a real-world setting. There are plenty of candidates who look good on paper, but only a relatively small portion of these will be able to back up their qualities on paper with a demonstration of their capabilities when actually performing the role.

It is often possible to work as a temp in a position even if you don’t hold the formal qualifications necessary to land a full-time job. This gives you the chance to demonstrate any natural talent you have and begin to build a reputation for yourself.

Opening Doors

Many people underestimate how effective temping is on a CV. There is a common assumption that full-time work, or even long-term part-time work, are much more valuable. While both of these things are definitely appealing to employers, they will also place a great deal of value on any demonstration of your commitment and reliability.

Not only will temping give you a valuable addition to your CV, but it can often lead to job offers directly from the businesses that you temp for. In this sense, undertaking temp work can be even more effective than applying for a job by submitting a CV.

Build a Reputation

There are many misconceptions about temping, and it is often these misconceptions that lead to a reluctance among inexperienced workers to take on temp positions. For those who already have experience working a variety of jobs, temping can feel like a step backwards. In reality, regardless of how much professional experience you have, temping is an excellent way of beginning to build a reputation in your chosen field.

Taking a few minutes to browse the temporary jobs from Staff Heroes and similar agencies will give you an idea of the full range of jobs and careers you can take on as a temp. In fact, there are few professional fields today that don’t offer temping opportunities in some form.

Try a Career Before You Commit

One of the biggest advantages of taking on temping work, other than the opportunity to build your experience in that field, and in the world of professional work more generally, is that you can try a career before committing to it. It can often be hard to accurately assess the merits of a particular career path when you are viewing it from the outside. Working a job as a temp will give you first-hand experience of what the job is like, without the pressure of having to make a long-term commitment.

Taking on temporary work is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a future career push. Not only will you gain valuable skills to add to your CV, you will also gain first-hand experience in a potential future career.


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