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5 Careers in High Demand – A guest post

The job market is changing and this change is putting a lot of strain on some people. Fortunately, there are still a lot of jobs that are growing in necessity. Here are 5 of the fastest growing careers on the job market…

Pharmacy Tech

pharmacy tech (also known as a pharmaceutical technician) performs pharmacy related functions including medicine distribution and other patient related needs. They work directly under a licensed pharmacist. This career can be very rewarding and lead to many other opportunities. Sometimes, administrative duties are required in this field. It really depends on the company or doctor that the individual is working for. Also, phone conversations are required in order to aid patients.


With a world that’s continuously growing more environmentally aware, hydrologists are in very high demand. There are both private jobs and government jobs in this category. Hydrologists major in water – its circulation, distribution, and physical properties. This career is highly flexible because it allows individuals to enjoy both indoors and outdoor projects. This career can also be high paying,especially in the private sector.

Web Programming and Development

Web developers are responsible for creating and programming websites. Skills needed include HTML, PHP, and CSS knowledge. Developers are responsible for programming and making sure a website functions correctly. Some companies even hire developers to maintain their websites. In this case, updates and maintenance are all that’s required. This field normally requires a degree in computer science and engineering. However, some people just have an innate skill for programming.

Multimedia Design

Let’s face it. Media is a growing trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. People need their entertainment. Multimedia artists are responsible for designing visual products. All that’s needed is a keen eye and mid-range computer skills. Although there are colleges that can help individuals become more attuned to their innate artistic talents, most people are naturally talented to some degree. Multimedia design can range anywhere from movies and animation to advertising. Pretty much anything you see online or on the television.

Category Manager

Category managers are responsible for negotiating prices and maintaining shopper satisfaction. They normally have people who work under them. That means that people skills are a must. Category managers enjoy a fair salary. Although no special training is necessary, degrees in marketing and advertising definitely give them a huge advantage. If nothing else, certification is recommended for this career.

This was a guest post for TheEmployable


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