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How to Answer “What is your greatest strength? TheEmployable Interview Tips

Use examples
Throughout the interview process, if you are able to support your answers by providing examples of things you have done to prove your point, it will certainly help with impressing the employer. With regards to this question, it is not enough to simply declare a particular trait as your strength and leave it at that. It is much better to illustrate how this is your strength, by perhaps using as an example an achievement or success that you had as evidence.
Personal examples like this are what will set you apart from other candidates on the day.

Throughout the interview, your fundamental objective is to convince the employer that they should choose you. Selling your skills and experience, your positive traits and all the benefits you can bring are what the interview is all about. Some questions such as the “greatest strength” one, are more direct than others in asking you to do just that. The thing you need to remember though is to strike a balance so that when  “selling yourself” , you neither come across as being arrogant nor humble. Yes, you should be confident in your abilities but when speaking about your strengths, you should take care not to appear too egotistical. Being too boastful will certainly not win you any favours on the likeability front.

One final point to remember is that many employers may ask this question in conjunction with asking you about your greatest weakness and you can also read about how to answer “what are your greatest weaknesses” in this previous post. 

We’d love to hear from you any more tips on answering “What is your greatest strength”, or on answers you’ve given or even answers you’ve heard to this question. Feel free to let us know via the comments section below.

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