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Top 5 Alternative Tips for the Proactive Jobseeker..


3. Take a walk

In the ol’ days, when emails and computers were just a Star Trek away, job-seekers used to get their top hats on and go for a walk. This is still a valuable job seeking technique that should not be ignored. The advantage of walking the streets with your CV / Resume and knocking on business doors is twofold. Firstly it is a very proactive approach and shows a real eagerness to find employment. Secondly, you may end up meeting a decision maker and actually undertaking an Informational Interview, as per tip number 1!

4. Have fun

When job-seeking, you really need to know your own limits, in terms of the time you should job seek every day. Job-seeking, in a recession or otherwise, can be a demoralising affair, so if you overly obsess about looking for employment, it may actually have detrimental effects on your job-seeking success. Searching and applying for jobs, should have structure, but it should not dominate your life. Having fun, spending valuable time with your family, and knowing when to stop, can actually improve your mindset, and mean you are more able to do ‘more of the same’ the next day! Being a proactive job seeker means also knowing when to stop!

5. Get known

Not for everyone certainly, but there are many good examples of people, getting their faces on TV, billboards, on the radio and in the press, just by doing silly job-seeking things. If you are prepared to get silly, and then get known to find a job, there are many HR and Marketing departments out there who will snap you up, just to take the kudos for your job-seeking success. However, this tip does come with a warning! Doing silly, but dangerous things, like parachuting or abseiling, with a big job-seeking banner, does have its’ obvious drawbacks. Paying for a bill board advert, on a prominent high street, may be a safer way for you to gain some press coverage about your job search…Check out our previous Extreme Jobhunting article for examples…

 So good luck Proactive jobseeker, hopefully these alternative tips help you along the way! 

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