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A brighter future – how you can help change things…

Contrary to what most of the media would have us believe, it’s not all gloom and doom out there. It’s very easy to moan and whinge and complain and rant , but it doesn’t really change anything does it? It doesn’t get you anywhere. So, in a bid to create a bit more positivity, we have decided to highlight some things which are currently happening and which all have a similar fundamental aim – to bring about long lasting and positive change. Get involved and create the future you really want


Battlefront is an award winning Channel 4 online, on TV project that follows a group of young campaigners trying to change the world. The campaign that has most struck a chord with TheEmployable is the Ready for Work Jobs Campaign. Fronted by Joseph Hayat, 18 and Hafsah Ali, 17 , the campaign is aiming to break the cycle of youth unemployment by increasing the work experience opportunities for young people.
One of their most high profile events so far has been the #walk4work which took place on 10th October. Young people from across the UK took part in a march which ended at the Houses of Parliament with a meeting with Chris Grayling, the Minister for Employment.
Their core message is simple – they are not NEETS ( Not in Employment, Education or Training )  – they are actually BEETS ( Brilliant, Enthusiastic and Eager to Start). To find about more the campaign and how you can support it, visit their site www.battlefront.co.uk/jobs

Start up Britain

In March of this year the government backed Start Up Britain initiative was launched – a campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The underlying objective was to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise within the UK.

Significant achievements since its’ launch have included the Startup Britain Bus Tour which has to date visited 15 cities across the UK linking local startups with business experts;  over 4000 people downloading the Blackberry sponsored Startup Guide, and Experian have reported a 25% spike or increase in people searching for the term “startup”.

The most clear measurement of success however will be if the campaign manages to increase the numbers of people starting a business from the current 5% rate to its’ desired 20-25%.

More details on the initiative can be found here : www.startupbritain.org .

Jarrow 2011

1936 saw the first Jarrow march take place which saw 200 unemployed workers embark on the original crusade for jobs, to raise awareness of mass unemployment.

Some 75 years later , on October 1st this year, the campaigning group  Youth Fight for Jobs set off to retrace their steps, on that 330 mile march from Jarrow to London , again in a bid to highlight the issue of youth unemployment. The current march will end on November 5th with a rally in Trafalgar Square.

To find out more about the activists and the march to date, check out www.jarrowmarch11.com.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

The 4th annual Global Entrepreneurship week will take place this year from 14th – 20th November. Last year over 32000 events took place in 88 countries. In the UK alone over ½ million people attended almost 500 events. Events included enterprise competitions , talks from local role models, small meet-ups and  large scale conferences.  

In the words of Andrew Devenport, Chief Executive of Youth Business International – the  week’s UK host : 

“There is a great need to provide opportunities today that help entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and build the businesses of tomorrow. Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011 will kick-start the conversations that are needed to make this happen.”
To find out how you can get involved and kick-start your conversation, check out www.gew.org.uk .

If you are aware of another campaign or initiative which you think is having a positive impact like these, then please let us know. And of course, to find out more about  TheEmployable & how  you can get involved, please check out theemployable.com/how-to-get-involved .



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