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College Crunch Time: 5 Strategies for Easing Your Final Exam Stress

Many students suffer from stress as they work towards their final exams, but it’s important to avoid getting overly stressed. Here are some tips to help you revise properly and cut down on your stress levels.

1. Have a Break

Be strict with your revision, but do it properly in short bursts. Devise a detailed plan of what you are going to revise and
when, then stick to it. You cannot study all the time, so make sure you take the time to have a break. After half an hour or so, you will stop taking the information in, you will get restless and bored, and your stress levels will increase.

Give yourself time to go out for a walk, meet a friend, sit outside in the sunshine, anything to give your mind a break. This will help to keep you going for a lot longer without getting stressed.

2. Take Up a Stress-Busting Activity

There are many activities you can take up that will help you keep stress under control. Yoga, tai chi, and meditation can all graduatesbe useful, but you could also benefit from going for a walk in the country or listening to relaxing music. Just find something to help you switch off and relax.

3. Get Some Professional Help

You could use the services of a professional essay-writing company to help you out. Get an essay written on a particularly challenging topic by a company like Ivory Research, and you can then use it as part of your research for your own work. Sometimes it is easier to get a grip on a tricky topic when you have an essay focusing on the main arguments written to a high standard.

4. Stay Healthy

You are what you eat, and it is incredibly important to eat and drink well during your revision period. Avoid excess alcohol, fruitscaffeine and junk food, and stick to fruit, vegetables and healthy, energy-boosting food. Go to bed early, get up early, and avoid late night study sessions that will leave you exhausted. Exercise each day and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Be healthy and you will have more energy for revising without getting stressed.

5. Use Different Techniques to Memorise Details

One of the key things you will need to do for an exam is memorise lots of material. There are many revision tips that you can consider to help you take more details in, and you have to find one that works for you.

Rather than just reading through pages and pages of notes, use different techniques to boost your memory. Use something like Memrise, a free online tool that uses various techniques to help you memorise information. Or create flash cards that you can check throughout the day, or create audio notes and listen to them on the bus. Do something different to help things stick in your mind, and find a technique that works for you.

Reward Yourself for All that Hard Work

Use these tips to cut your stress levels as you work hard towards your final exams. But at the same time, plan something moneyspecial for yourself after all the work is over. Set aside some money to buy yourself something nice, or plan a holiday with your friends. Keep this in mind when your revision starts to get you down, and it can help you to get through the worst of it knowing that you have lots to look forward to after it’s all over.

Jenny Wescott loves being a dormitory director at her alma mater. Working with university students, from living arrangements right through to course concerns, she often blogs about her insights into transitioning and succeeding at university life.


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