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Graduate Jobs – TheEmployable lowdown

Graduate Jobs – TheEmployable lowdown 

For the last year we have posted copious amounts of articles that are either helpful to Graduates, specifically written for Graduates looking for Graduates jobs, or just those wanted to consider their post Graduation career opportunities.

Yes, the jobs market is still really tough and graduate jobs, or any job for that, remain really tough to find. However, there are certain things that a Graduate can do to make themselves are employable as possible and we hope this list below of some of our top Graduate themed posts, helps you to find the Graduate job or career you long to find… Hail the Employable!

Finding a Graduate Program – the what, how, where and why’s

5 Tips for Grads starting their Career… *video Presentation*

Internships – the Advantages and Disadvantages

Improve your Employability – Start Volunteering!

Temp Employment…the advantages and disadvantages of temp jobs

Is Entrepreneurship the new Rock n’ Roll? – an interview with Sparks@LSE President…

Can’t Get Work Experience? Here’s a few ideas how…

Job Seeking Graduate? – Some top tips

Please do comment below if you are a Graduate and think we should write about a particular graduate job or job seeking issue. Good luck in your search and make sure that you check out some of our other posts that may help you out along the way!

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