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An ‘insiders’ guide – Top complaints about Recruitment Agencies and what you can do about them…

4. Being Guilty of making Assumptions! 

Again this does happen and it has happened from personal experience. Example: You call an excellent applicant into the office to chat about a couple of ‘Customer Account Management’ roles that you have, that they would be suitable for. Half way through the meeting, the applicant declares “I want to move away from this industry and don’t want to do Customer Account Management anymore….” Whoops…..Insider Tip….As an applicant, be upfront and clear from the outset what type of work you are looking for. Don’t waste your own time. Generally, recruitment agencies call you into their office as you have demonstrated on your CV, skills and experiences that they are looking for. They have not, understandably, called you into their office to find out what you would really really love to do!!

5. Lack of Empathy. 

The reality of recruitment is that it is a sales job. Sales. I will say it one more time; Sales. Yes, there are a
 lot of good Recruitment Consultants and Agencies out there that are very professional and very good at helping people find jobs. However one moment, you are ‘flavour of the month’ the next you do not hear from them again. Insider Tip – Try not to take it personal. In this market place, recruitment consultants can be the best they can be at customer service, but if they do not have any jobs that you are suitable for, the reality is that it is because the recruitment market remains tough. All Recruitment Consultants, would like more jobs to try and fill, because they are targeted on filling jobs..sales…and being paid by businesses to recruit the right person into that job. Therefore they are not trying to be unhelpful……most of the time anyhow…….

There are tons of additional points that could be made. As I have come from the industry, I understand the issues that sometimes come up. However, I must stress that most Recruitment Consultants are very professional and care about their reputation and have good intentions at heart. But it’s the odd bad egg that can give the industry a bad reputation and therefore I hope this advice helps if you are ever in the situation of being faced with any of the above issues.

Signing out. The Insider.

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