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The best locations in Europe for jobs in finance

There are so many career paths out there in the world that don’t just offer an exciting and prosperous route of employment, but also allow for numerous opportunities for the adventure of working abroad. However, it always helps when looking for such chances to know where the best locations are for your line of work.

One of the best sectors for working around the world is finance and some of the best environments for such jobs tend to lie in Europe with the likes of Eurostaff supplying the roles, whether they’re on the main continent or in the likes of the UK.

Zurich, Switzerland

If you are after a high quality of life and a climate that offers all the wonders of Mother Nature, then Zurich will most likely be a very good option if looking for finance jobs in Europe. Zurich is the capital of the Swiss banking industry and offers a wide range of finance roles, with numerous companies setting up their headquarters in the middle of the city and is a list that includes UBS and Credit

Those with expertise in wealth management and private banking will fit right in here and if you speak languages such as German, French or Italian (on top of English), then you will be able to acclimatise to a country such as Switzerland much easier.

Frankfurt, Germany

As the financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt offers one of the best opportunities for a top job in finance and is a city truly rich with financial history. The Deutsche Bank is based in Frankfurt, as well as the European Central bank and many international firms have placed their European headquarters within the city centre.

Because of its financial ties, Frankfurt harbours one of the biggest central train stations on the continent and one of the busiest airports in the world. With all the top finance businesses setting up headquarters in the city, the Frankfurt skyline is dominated by an unusual amount of skyscrapers for a European city.

London, UK

Most people view New York as the financial capital of the world, but the minority who don’t, look towards England’s capital of London as most of the major financial firms has some sort of presence inside its borders.

You can usually turn to London for a job in finance whether you’re hoping to get into currency trading, private banking and brokerage; this is backed up by the city being able to command more than twice the market share of its closest rivals. However, like most cities, London felt the effects of the global recession and is currently on a recovery period, but still acts as a hub for everything financial.

This is an article from Eurostaff jobs who offer recruitment in finance jobs all over Europe, including Germany, France, Switzerland and the UK.


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